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The Faith of the Wise Men

Reverand Thomas Vaga - 2013

The star they had seen rising led them until it stopped over the place where the child was. They were overwhelmed with joy to see the star. Matthew 2: 9-10

The wise men struggled to continue believing the words of the prophets when they were led to such an inappropriate setting for a royal birth. God comforted and strengthened them with the star. It was closer to them now than it was at the beginning. It guided them. When they started out, it was far away from them, and they didn’t know where they would find the king. Christians experience something similar when they successfully endure trials. Near the end, God feels close to them. He becomes so clearly recognizable that they not only forget about their affliction but also desire more of it so that they can become stronger. They are no longer bothered by the circumstances of Christ’s life. They know by experience that anyone who wants to find Christ must realize that it will seem as if he is only finding disgrace. The wise men would have felt ashamed if they had slipped and said what they were probably thinking in their hearts, “Oh my, what have we here! I can’t wait to take another journey and look for new kings!” They felt like they were being led down a blind alley. Our foolish nature often feels this way when trying to follow God’s words. Since the wise men became so happy when they saw the star, we can infer that they faced these doubts and were deeply depressed. Their joy indicates that their hearts had been greatly disturbed. They struggled with their doubts, and there was certainly enough reason for doubt in this situation. So Christ really means it when he says: “Whoever doesn’t lose his faith in me is indeed blessed” (Matthew 11:6). From: Martin Luther’s "Through FAITH alone"

Jesus Christ is with us every day throughout the all year 2013.  

Have a blessed new year 2013!

Reverend Thomas Vaga  

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