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2018 Synod

Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod 2018 Ocean Grove, NJ

2018 - Airi Vaga
The independent Estonian Ev. Lutheran Church has ten congregations, nine in the United States and one in Canada who decided not to be united with the Estonian Lutheran Church in Estonia but still be in a brotherly relationship with the Lutheran church in Estonia and her pastors and church members. These ten congregations hold yearly synod meetings which are organized in turn where the congregations are located.   This year’s, 2018, synod was organized by Lakewood Estonian Lutheran Church.   Continue Reading

2017 Synod Bogota

Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in North America |
2017 Synod Meeting in Bogota, NJ. 

2017 May - Airi Vaga
The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in North America held it's annual meeting on April 29th and 30th in New Jersey, at the second oldest Estonian Lutheran congregation in the USA, established in 1929 - Bergen County Congregation. The meeting was organized by Bishop electus Thomas Vaga and the congregation's chairwoman Malle Väärsi, who presented the attendees with a hearty breakfast and luncheon.   Continue Reading

2016 Synod Toronto

2016 E.E.L.K. Toronto Synod Meeting Photos

2016 May 
Organized by the Toronto Vana-Andres congregation, Pastor Kalle Kadaks thanked everyone who  had gathered at this year's Synod meeting.  The meeting's Chair was Los Angelese congregation Chairman Heino Nurmberg.  Bishop electus Thomas Vaga gave an overview of our religious work.   Continue Reading

2015 Chicago Synod

2015 A New Bishop Electus for an Old Organization

2015 May - Chicago Synod
Hosted by the E.E.L.K. Chicago First Congregation (E.E.L.K. Chicago Esimene Kogudus), the Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod (Eesti Evangeeliumi Luteri Usu Kirik – E.E.L.K.) held its Synod meeting on May 29-31 in Chicago . This was my first visit to the Chicago Estonian House. Nestled amongst tall trees in the Riverwoods suburb of Chicago, there is a quiet serenity here that is palpable.    Continue Reading

2014 LA Synod

2014 Synod Meeting in Los Angeles

2014 March - Airi Vaga
The representatives of nine congregations took part in the Synodical meeting of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Synod held in Los Angeles at the Estonian house on March 29th and 30th. The local organization of the Synod was done by the ELCES Los Angeles Congregation. Three members of the clergy participated in addition to the surrogate bishop: Revs. T. Vaga, K. Kadakas, M. Vaga, G. Karu.    Continue Reading

2013 Red Bank Synod

2013 One-Minded Christian Fellowship  Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in North America 

3012 May - Red Bank, N.J.
Organized by the USA I Deanery, a meeting of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations (Eesti Evangeeliumi Luteri Usu kogudused) took place from April 26-28, 2013, at the US East Coast in Red Bank, New Jersey . Attending the meeting were participants from ten congregations of the First Deanery as well as four from the Chicago Deanery including Dean Uudo Tari and his wife Tiiu.  Continue Reading

Estonian Refugees

How the Church and Congregations Called, Gathered and Strengthened the Refugees’ Sense of Identity and Hope   

Thomas Vaga (Estonian Archives in the U.S., Lakewood, NJ
Before the onset of the occupations and war, the conditions under which millions upon millions of human beings were forced to find daily sustenance for both body and soul in war ravaged Europe during the 1940's were unimaginable, as they are today in a safe historical distance. The Latvian historian of 20th century history of Germany, Central and Western Europe and the Baltic, professor of history...  Continue Reading

2011 Synod

2011 The USA Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Synods  Discussed the Need to Review the Unification Voting

2011 May - Ocean Grove, New Jersey's - Airi Vaga
For the third time, the USA Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Deanery congregation representatives, gathered for a joint Synod. The organiser this year was the USA First Synod Deanery headed by Dean Thomas Vaga. The location the Dean chose was a 200-year-old town named Ocean Grove on the famous New Jersey shore. The town upholds morally Methodist-Christian traditions.    Continue Reading

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