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Disoriented Deer

November 18, 2014

It was feared that someone had broken into our church office early Monday morning, but the culprit came to light after a review of security video. 

A wayward deer, it seems, ran into an exterior cinder block wall. This caused it to become disoriented and move about the Church's lower patio area. After bumping into the patio table, it crashed through the Church office window gaining access to the building around 2 a.m. Hair and blood was found splattered around the office and Pastor Thomas Vaga's desk.

By early morning when police came to investigate, the deer had left the same way it had entered. 

Watch video on - Deer bursts into Lakewood church office (1:14 min) with Eda Treumuth.

Disoriented Deer Crashing into Church

November 18th 2014 - The Lakewood Scoop  (0:13 sec)


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