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Mary Martha Jesus

Sermon - "I am Lazarus"

March 29th, 2020, Pastor Markus Vaga - Today’s Gospel lesson reveals a lot about Jesus, both as the Son of God, and also as the human being. His divine power is revealed in raising Lazarus from the dead, and His humanity in the sadness he shows at the death of His friend. Today’s Gospel lesson includes the shortest passage in the whole Bible; the 35th verse, where the Apostle John simply writes that “Jesus wept.” That is an emotion that we can all identify with, and we are comforted at knowing we can identify with Jesus during this sad time... 


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Ascension of Christ

2014 - Pastor Thomas Vaga
Have you asked yourself, why Jesus went to heaven. This is a question we as Christians should ask and have an answer for. The answer comes from the book of answers that the whole Christian Church has consulted for 2000 years. The question concerning the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven leads us to know who is the God we Christians... 



August 2013 - Pastor Thomas Vaga  
Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ – us to whom Jesus Christ speaks. Jesus spoke three parables to his disciples and to all who had come to hear Him. The parables of Jesus have the same importance and power today as they had two thousand years ago when He spoke them to his disciples and the people who honestly wanted to hear Him...

living stone

Living Stones

May 2011 - Pastor Markus Vaga
What is a living stone? I recently went with my wife to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden where we took a moment to look at the Children's Garden. One of the displays teaches children about desert plants. The sign next to the display asks visitors to find the plants, called "living stones," from amongst other, normal stones. In many deserts around the world...


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