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In Christ the small is great

2019 - Thomas Vaga, E.E.L.K. piiskop electus
Every year we are celebrating a national event and have been doing it every year even the times when Estonia was occupied by Soviet Union. It is the one hundred and first year from the Estonian Declaration of Independence that took place on the twenty fourth of February in 1918. It is like what the fourth of July is to America. The American Declaration of Independence was published in 1776? 243 years ago. America has gone through bad times in those years, like the Civil War. Estonia has as well. Together with us, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland share the same years and bad and good times. The three Baltic countries have... 

nativity grotto

What effect does Christmas have on YOU? 

2018 - Thomas Vaga, E.E.L.K. piiskop electus  
With whom do we personally meet in a holy way? A medieval Estonian poem tells about Jesus coming to Estonia to walk among her people. His footsteps become holy places amongst the people and on the land. The location of His steps became holy because He brought the holiness of heaven down to earth.
In the church of Nativity in Bethlehem there is a silver star on the floor of the cave underneath the church to mark the place of His birth. Christians from all over the world come to view and venerate it as the place where Jesus was born... 

nativity angel

About Angels

2019 - Thomas Vaga, E.E.L.K. piiskop electus
Evangelist Billy Graham writes in his popular book of angels: “Angels have a much more important place in the Bible than the devil and his demons.” In the Bible we read that Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, Elijah, Zachariah, Joseph, Mary and Peter, along with others, saw angels. Two angels are mentioned by name... 

luthers bible


2017 - Robert Rothwell
On October 31, protestants have something very significant to celebrate on October 31. It’s Reformation day, which commemorates what was perhaps the greatest move of God’s Spirit since the days of the Apostles. But what is the significance of Reformation Day, and how should we consider the events it commemorates? At the time, few would... 


Why we celebrate Christmas

Martin Luther
Christ's Mission on Earth - Therefore your minds must be clear and ready for action. Place your confidence completely in what God’s kindness will bring you when Jesus Christ appears again. 1 Peter 1:13

The Gospel tells us who Christ is. Through it, we learn that He is our Savior...


Confess the Christ

2016 - Pastor Thomas Vaga
Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with him, He asked them, “Who do the crouds say I am? But what about you? Who do you say I am?” Peter answered:” God’s Messiah.” (Luke 9:18)  Confession means sincerity "I don't need to go to church to be a Christian." "I'm a Christian because I go to church every week." It may sound strange...


Impossible to Believe

2015 - From Martin Luther's "Through Faith Alone"
Only Christ would be able to testify to a truth this remarkable. How can human reason make sense of this strange teaching or how can it understand how it all fits together? How can Jesus come down from heaven and in the same time live above. How can Jesus ascend back to heaven and yet continuously be... 


What is Thanksgiving?

October 2011 - Pastor Thomas Vaga
Every time we bring the offering or contributions to the altar we sing "We give Thee but Thine own, whate'er the gift may be. All that we have is Thine alone -- a trust, O'Lord, from Thee!" I learned to sing this offering verse when I was a new believer
(I was twenty-eight years old). I had really not given anything to God before that... 


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