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Impossible to Believe

From Martin Luther's "Through Faith Alone"

No one has gone to heaven except the Son of Man, who came from heaven. John 1:13

Only Christ would be able to testify to a truth this remarkable. How can human reason make sense of this strange teaching or how can it understand how it all fits together? How can Jesus come down from heaven and in the same time live above. How can Jesus ascend back to heaven and yet continuously be in heaven? No one could have conceived of such a thought, whether in his heart or in his mind. Human reason says it's impossible for someone to descend from heaven and be in heaven at the same time. That is why Christians are considered foolish. We believe something directly contrary to reason.


Whoever has a difficult time believing that Christ can come from heaven and yet be in heaven shouldn't worry about it. It doesn't matter if we can't grasp this right away. If we are considered fools because of believing this, our foolishness won't hurt us. For Christians are certainly not foolish. We know perfectly well what we believe. We know where we can find counsel and help in all situations. We know we will live eternally after we have been delivered from this world.

But if some people refuse to believe this truth, then they should leave it alone. Instead, they want to figure it out. These people want to resolve the paradox in their own crazy head -- first this way, then that way. All of them think they will find God by figuring it out, but they won't.

However, you must hold tightly to the testimony that was brought down from heaven by Jesus, God's Son. You must believe it, for all Christians dare to believe what Jesus says. Then you can say as apostle Paul says: "I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live I live by believing in God's son, who loved me and took the punishment for my sins." (Galatians 2:20)   Look at Christ, who was captured and offered for us. He is infinitely greater and superior to anything else in creation. How will we respond when we hear that such a priceless ransom was offered for us? Do we still want to bring God our own good works? What is that compared to Christ's work? He shed his most precious blood for our sins. Let's believe and be saved.

We come to God by faith alone.


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