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New president 

 Airi Vaga & Amy Ling - 2017

Get to know the new president of our  Church Council - Kenneth Ling.

Our former president Valter Must was named to the New Jersey Supreme Court Ocean County as a judge and had to resign. The congregation thanks Valter for his many years of service.  

We sincerely greet our new president Kenneth and his wife Amy. Ken's parents emigrated to the United States before the Second World War and before the Soviet occupation of Estonia. Father Martin and mother Meta were well known to Estonian refugees when they arrived here and helped in the Estonian community to welcome the new Estonians to Lakewood as well as giving a helping hand in the building of our Estonian church here in Lakewood. Ken and Amy have an apple farm on Rt. 88.

My Dear Fellow Church Members, 
I ask you to please try to attend the church services to show your support for our wonderful pastor and the Church. Thank you and God bless you all.

~ Ken 

Kenneth Ling

October 30th, 2017 

Amy writes:  Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ .

Hi, my name is Amy Ling. I am the wife of the newly elected President of the Church Council, Kenneth Ling. My husband is a full-blooded Estonian and I am his American wife - a melting pot of culture.  

Kenneth is the only child of elderly parents. Our first few years of marriage were spent taking care of them till they passed. I learned much about the Estonian culture and the Lutheran Church from my in-laws. I even travelled to Estonia with my then fiancée and his father. I was fascinated to see Estonia and learn of its culture which goes back much further than in the USA. The tours we took gave us a rich history of the country that my husband's parents were born in. Did you know that 95% of Estonians are Lutheran? Well they are. I tried to learn the language but my tongue always got in the way.

Reverand Thomas Vaga Bishop came to the Estonian Lutheran Church of Lakewood in August of 1987. He has been pastor here ever since. He realized sometime after his arrival that many Estonians in the community had American spouses who did not speak the Estonian language. He began to have services in English the third Sunday of every month. He wanted the spouses to attend the church and learn its rich history. I was one who attended this service with my husband at my side.

I tell you all of this because as the years went by, attendance at both the Estonian and English services grew less and less. I realize this was due in part to members getting old and not being able to drive, sickness and death. But unlike me, I feel many had children and grandchildren and that these children and grandchildren would be blessed to learn of their rich culture and religion if they would only attend services. The services are now only twice a month - the second and fourth Sunday of every month. They are about an hour long and are spoken in both Estonian and English. That is not a lot of time to give and visit the Lord in His house when He is with you every day and all day long.

Pastor Vaga is a good shepherd and it would encourage him greatly to find he had a larger flock. It says in Hebrews 10:25 "Let us not neglect our church meetings (services) as some people do but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near." NIV translation.

I pray the Lord will encourage you to return to your roots with your children and grandchildren. You will find yourself and your family truly blessed by the Estonian culture and the Lutheran religion when you do come.

In God's love, I remain,

Sincerely, Amy Ling.  

Kenneth Amy Ling

607 East 7th Street
Lakewood NJ 08701

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