The Tower of Babel

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That long ago, people tried to build a tall tower to reach the heavens?

This story is about the Tower of Babel.

After God made the covenant with Noah, Noah’s descendants increased greatly and one generation succeeded another.

At this time, everyone spoke the same language and used the same words.

As the people migrated eastward, they found a plain in the land of Babylonia and settled there.

They began to talk about construction projects. They talked about making great piles of brick and collecting natural asphalt to use as mortar. They were going to build a great city with a high tower that would reach the heavens. They had a lot of pride and wanted to show everyone how great they were. They would build the biggest and best tower ever. “The tower will be a monument to our greatness,” they said.

God saw the city and the tower the people were building with their proud plans. He saw that the intentions of the people were not pure. The people were focused on themselves and building the tower, more than on Him. He was disappointed with them. God thought that with a common language and unity, what else might they do later? 

tower babel

God decided to mix up their language so the people wouldn’t understand each other. This way they would not be able to work together to sin against God.

All the people suddenly began to make strange noises that sounded like babbling.  They were all speaking in different languages. No-one could understand what the other was saying. They were all very confused. All work on the tower stopped. In this manner, God saved the people from becoming too full of pride. 

tower of babel

No longer being able to communicate, groups of people scattered to live in different parts of the earth.

The city was called Babel because it was there that the Lord confused the people by giving them many languages. 

tower babel

God does not like prideful people. The people could have done amazing things for God, but they decided to build a big tower to show others how great they were instead.  God taught the people an important lesson about pride.  They learned that they were not the best - God is the best!

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Tower of Babel

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