Moses and the 
Burning Bush

Did you know…

That God talked to Moses?

This story is called Moses and the Burning Bush.

Moses grew up as a royal prince of Egypt, but he never forgot where he came from or that he was a Hebrew, just like the rest of the Israelite slaves. Moses saw how badly the Israelites were being treated by the Egyptians. One day he saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite slave and cried for the slave-driver to stop! But the man continued to beat the slave. Moses became so angry that he struck and killed the Egyptian. 

When the Pharaoh found out how Moses had taken the side of the slave and acted against the Egyptians, he sent his soldiers to kill Moses. Moses ran away and fled into the desert to a place called Midian. A kind priest offered him food and a place to stay. Moses stayed and married the priest's daughter named Zipporah, and together they had a son. 

Meanwhile, God heard the cries of the Israelites and saw how badly they were being treated. He decided that He would save them from their bondage. 

One day, when Moses was out watching his flock of sheep, he saw a strange sight. Moses saw a bush that was on fire. It was covered with flames, but it was not burning. When he went closer to see, he heard the voice of God coming from the burning bush. God was calling to him, "Moses! Moses!

"Here I am", answered Moses. God told Moses not to come any closer and that Moses should take off his sandals, for he was standing on holy ground. God told him that He was the God of Moses' ancestors.  When Moses heard this, he was very afraid to look at God and he hid his face in his hands. 

God then said that Moses should go back to Egypt and tell the Pharaoh to set the Hebrews free so that God could lead them to their own good and spacious land. Moses was afraid and made all sorts of excuses about why he wasn’t the right man for the job. God said that He would be with Moses and would help him to do this task. God said that Moses would be the one to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Moses asked God, "Why would the Pharaoh listen to me?"
God answered that He would be with him.

God turned the shepherd’s stick that Moses had been carrying into a wriggling snake. God then told Moses to pick it up and when Moses did so, the snake turned back into a stick again. God said to Moses that if you perform this sign, and other wonders, in front of the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh will pay attention to you. 

moses serpent

Then God told Moses to place his hand inside his robe. Moses did, and when he took it out again, it was white as snow. When he put it into his robe a second time, it was back to a normal healthy colour. 

God said, that if the Pharaoh still didn’t believe that it was God that was sending Moses as a messenger, he should take some water from the Nile river and pour it onto the dry ground. It would then turn into blood.

Doing as God had told him, Moses went to Egypt to try to save the Israelites from slavery. 

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The Burning Bush

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