Red Sea Parting

Did you know...

that the Pharaoh changed his mind again about setting the Hebrew slaves free?

This story is about how God parted the Red Sea.

After the final plague, Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron and finally set the enslaved Israelites free. This happened, however, only after God and sent ten plagues upon Egypt and the Pharaoh's son had died from the final plague.

“Go away, all of you! Go and serve the Lord as you have requested." said Pharaoh finally.

pharaoh moses

This was wonderful news for the Israelites and they were very happy.

God told them that this night was special because He was bringing His people out of the land of Egypt. This special night was to be celebrated from generation to generation, to remember that it was God who rescued them.

Israelites celebrate

So the Israelites left Egypt taking all they had with them – their clothing, bowls, flocks, and herds. All together, there were about 600,000 men, plus all the women and children.

They were walking to the land God had promised to them, but how did they know which way to go? During the day an angel of God guided them in the form of a piller of cloud, and at night, there was a piller of fire. The people followed where God led them and He led the people through the wilderness toward the Red Sea. There were so many that they looked like a marching army.

Once again, God hardened the Pharaoh’s heart, and the Pharaoh realized that the Israelites were gone. He wondered why he had let all these slaves go away. The Pharaoh changed his mind and decided that he wanted them all back.

The Pharaoh called his army and started to chase after Moses and the Israelites on his chariot. The Pharaoh’s whole army, all his horses and chariots were a part of the chase. They caught up with Moses and the people of Israel as they camped beside the Red Sea.


The people could see the army coming and they began to panic. They were trapped because the army was coming and there was no where to escape. They cried out to God to help them. They got angry with Moses for bringing them here.

Moses answered, “Do not be afraid. Watch how the Lord will rescue you.”


God told Moses to use his shepherd’s staff and hold it over the water. A strong east wind came and the waters of the Red Sea parted and a path opened up through the sea. All the people of Israel could walk on dry ground, with walls of water on each side.

The Pharaoh’s army was following them, but God made the wheels of the chariots come off making them impossible to drive. 

When the Israelites had reached the other side, Moses did as God told him.  He again raised his staff above the Sea and all the water rushed back into place.  All the chariots and horses, Pharaoh’s entire army, all drowned in the sea.

When the people of Israel saw the mighty power that the Lord had displayed against the Egyptians, they put their faith in God, and his servant Moses.

They sang songs of praise and gave thanks to God for the miraculous way He had delivered them from their enemies.

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Moses Parts the Red Sea

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