The  Resurrection
for Younger Children

Did you know....

that Jesus came back to life?

This is the story of the resurrection of Jesus.

After Jesus died, his body was wrapped in linen cloth and put in a tomb which was like a cave that had been carved into the side of a stone hill. A big stone was rolled over the entrance so that no one could get in. Pontius Pilate put soldiers beside the tomb to stand on guard. 

Three days later, Mary Magdalene and another woman came to visit the tomb. When they got close they saw an angel who had come and rolled away the stone. The angel glowed and told the women that Jesus wasn’t there. He had risen up from the dead.

The women went to tell others about Jesus having risen and met Jesus along the way. Jesus said to them, “Go and tell my disciples that I have risen and am on my way to see our Father.” Mary happily ran to tell the disciples what had happened.

angel tomb

The eleven disciples went to Galilee where the angel at the tomb had said that Jesus would meet them. When they saw Him, some of they were not sure if it was really Jesus.

Jesus showed them the wounds in his hands and feet and talked to them.  Then they knew it was really Him. 

Jesus disciples

Jesus talked to His disciples and reminded them about what He had taught them about love and forgiveness. He asked the disciples to spread His teaching.

Jesus blessed his disciples and told them that He would be with them always. Then Jesus went up to heaven.

Jesus ascension
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Learning Activity Extensions

Read the story in the Bible: Genesis 6:5-22; 7:1-24; 8:1-22; 9:1-17

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