Good Samaritan

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Jesus wants us to be kind to each other and not hurt each other.

This story is about a man from Samaria who was kind to an injured man.

Before we look at the story, you should know… Samaritans came from Samaria, to the north of Judea. They had different customs and religion from the Jews and neither really liked each other.

One day an expert on God’s laws decided to test Jesus and asked Him what he needed to do to go to Heaven.

Jesus asked him, “What do you think you should do? How do you understand it?” 


The man answered, “I must love the Lord my God with all my heart and soul, and love my neighbour as well.”

“You are right,” Jesus answered. The expert, however, wanted to know more, “But who is my neighbour?” he asked.

Jesus explained with this story. 

Jesus teaches

Now a man from Samaria came down the road and saw the hurt Jewish man. Remember that the Jews and Samaritans were enemies, but when he saw the injured man, the Samaritan’s heart filled with pity. Right away, he went to help the man. He poured oil and wine to clean the wounds, and put on bandages. Then he placed the man on his donkey and took him to the nearest inn and took care of him. 

good Samaritan

When the Samaritan had to continue on his way, he gave the innkeeper some money for room and food and said, “Take care of this poor man until he is well enough to travel. If you need to spend more money than I’ve given you, I promise to pay you back when I return this way.” 


Jesus asked the expert, “Which of these three men do you think was a neighbour to the traveler that was hurt by the thieves?”

The expert answered, “The one that showed the hurt man mercy and helped him.”

“Right,” said Jesus. “Now go and be like the good Samaritan and do the same for others.”

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Read the story in the Bible: Luke 10:25-37
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An expert asks Jesus how to get to heaven
The good Samaritan helps an injured man 
A Samaritan takes pity and bandaged his wounds
The Samaritan brings a hurt man to the inn

God's Story:  The Good Samaritan

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