Jesus Calms the Storm

Did you know...

that Jesus is with us when we feel afraid?

This story is about believing that Jesus will take care of us.

One day, after a long day of preaching to people, Jesus decided He wanted to go across the Sea of Galilee to the other side.   Leaving the crowd, Jesus and His disciples got into a boat.

Note: You should be aware that even though it's called a "Sea", this was Israel's largest freshwater lake. When people tell this story, they sometimes use the word sea or the word lake. When you tell this story you can explain that Jesus was crossing a lake, called the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus and the disciples set sail. As they sailed across the water, Jesus lay down for a nap and fell asleep.

When they had sailed to the middle of the lake, a huge storm with lots of wind arose. The waves grew bigger and bigger and the boat rocked up and down, back and forth. Soon the boat was filled with water and everyone onboard was afraid it would sink.

Jesus storm

Now the disciples had been through many storms before, but this one was very powerful. They were afraid and woke Jesus up and said, “Master, Master, we are going to drown.”

Jesus arose from His sleep and told the wind and the raging water to stop. As the disciples watched in amazement, the wind stopped howling, the waves stopped crashing, and everything became calm. 

Jesus said to the disciples, “Do you still have no faith? Why are you so afraid? Didn't you believe that I would take care of you?”

The disciples were frightened, but they were also amazed. They were surprised that Jesus was able to tell the wind and the water what to do. They wondered about Jesus and said, "Who is this man? Even the wind and the waves obey Him!" 

Jesus disciples

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Do you want to see what the Sea of Galilee looks like today?  Here is a view from Golan Heights, looking out from a place called Gamla.  Below is a panoramic view of the Sea.

Did you know, that the lake has other names as well?  It's also called Lake Tiberias, Kinneret, or Kinnereth.  Where does the water come from?  It comes from underground springs, but mainly from the Jordan River which flows through the lake.

Sea Galilee
Sea Galilee
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Read the story in the Bible: Luke 8:22-24; Mark 4:35-41. 
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Jesus calms the storm
Jesus stills the storm

Jesus Calms the Storm

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