Feeding 5000

Did you know...

that Jesus was able to feed five thousand people with very little food?

This story is about how two fish and five loaves of bread fed many, many people.

One day Jesus saw many people. To Him they looked like sheep without a shepherd. Jesus felt sorry for them and began to heal them and teach them many things until late in the day.

The disciples came to Jesus and were concerned. They said that this was a deserted place and it was getting late. The people were getting hungry and maybe Jesus should send them away so they could go and buy food for themselves from nearby farms and villages.

Jesus said to His disciples, “That’s not necessary, just give them something to eat.” 

Jesus feeding

Now the disciples knew that it would take a fortune to buy enough food for this many people.

Andrew spotted a boy with two little fishes and five loaves of bread in his basket. “But,” he said,” that’s not enough for so many people!” 

Jesus food

Jesus asked everyone to sit down on the grass. He took the two fish and five loaves of bread, looked up toward Heaven to thank the Lord for them, and asked for God’s blessing. Breaking the loaves into pieces, Jesus gave some of the bread and fish to each disciple, and the disciples began to give it to the people. Each time the disciples reached into their baskets, there was more fish and plenty of bread. Soon, all five thousand people had eaten as much as they wanted, and there was enough food for all!

When everyone had finished eating, Jesus told the disciples to gather up the leftovers, and when they did, there were twelve baskets filled with leftovers.

When the people saw this miraculous thing, they exclaimed, “Surely, He is the Prophet we have been expecting!”. 

Jesus food
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Read the story in the Bible: Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15.
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Jesus feed 5,000 people
Jesus feeds the multitude with fish and bread

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

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